Pirate's Code

I. Everyone has a vote in affairs of moment; has equal title to the fresh provisions, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure, unless a scarcity (not an uncommon thing among them) makes it necessary, for the good of all.

II. If any defrauded the company to the value of a credit in weapons, ships, or finances; marooning was their punishment. If the robbery was only betwixt one another, they contented themselves with slitting the ears and nose of him that was guilty, and set him on shore, not in an uninhabited place, but somewhere, where he was sure to encounter hardships.

III. No person to game at cards or dice for money against another in the crew.

IV. Everyone has to keep their assigned work completed, as well as their blaster and vibroblades clean and fit for service.

V. If anyone runs from battle without command, or keep any Secret from the Company, he shall be marooned with one ration, Bottle of Water, and one blaster.

VI. No striking one another on board, but every man’s quarrels to be ended with blaster on stun given to you by the quartermaster.

VII. Shares will be divided by those who input on the mission. The Captain, and Quartermaster to receive two shares of a prize; The Firstmate, Master Engineer, and gunners, one share and a half; all other officers one and quarter from all mission completed by any crew. The crew completing the mission will get once share each.

VIII. If at any time you meet with another and you touch them without Consent, you shall suffer Death.

Pirate's Code

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