Fen Durin (First Mate)


Fen Durin is a male Besalisk who’s brutish appearance will at times overshadows his kind nature and willingness to do what he sees as the right thing.

Fen is a dangerously skilled combatant and has been know to face a whole squad of Stormtroopers on his known.


Fen Durin has been a long time friend of Urai Zan, and they considered each other brothers.

Urai and Fen spent the start of their childhood under the care of a good hearted smuggle, Garther Janis. He taught them that though something maybe illegal, it is can still be some be for a greater good. Garther would smuggle food, medicine, and weapons to oppressed worlds in different wars and restricted areas throughout the galaxy.

The time came where Garther life ended on one of his smuggling runs into dangerous territory. During this time, the old smuggler had established a home base as well as a new caretaker and educator for Urai and Fen.

Urai and Fen spent the beginning part of their life trying to follow in their adopted Parents footsteps. They found their selves gathering crew and and a small flotilla of ships.

Their group started to make a name for their selves and started to call their self the Forgotten Corsairs pirates. The band ended up making a base on an abandon asteroid mining base, docking and camouflaging their flag ship the Vagabond’s Revenant to look like part of the old mining facility.

Now that he is captain of the Vagabond’s Revenant and the leader of the pirate band, he views every one of his people as family, but he is tempered enough to know that new members should be introduced rarely and with proper scrutiny.

Fen Durin (First Mate)

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