It is a dark time in the galaxy.

Though the brave heroes of the Rebel Alliance fight against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire, countless worlds still tremble under the shadows of evil.

The Jedi are gone, the vast majority hunted down and destroyed by the Emperor and his minions.
If any survive, they do so in hiding at the farthest edges of the galaxy.
The Galactic Empire regards the ability to use the Force as a crime punishable by the harshest measures.

In a few short decades, most of the galaxy has forgotten the Jedi, and dismissed the Force as an ancient religion.
For many, this is by far the safest option.
However, although the Empire has purged the Jedi, not all who use the Force have been hunted down and killed.
The galaxy is simply too large to track down every Force-sensitive being, and the Emperor’s infamous Order 66 and the hunts that followed primarily concerned themselves with pursuing true Jedi and their descendants and allies.
In the hidden corners of the galaxy, those who can touch the Force remain hidden, hunted, and outcast… but alive.

In the distant corner of the galaxy, an established band of do gooders that call their selves the Forgotten Corsairs pirates hides within it’s crew some of those that have been touched by the force. This is the story of those people.

The Living Force Legacys

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